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What Are Your Chances of a Car Crash in the US?

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What Are Your Chances of a Car Crash in the US?

The chance of you getting into a car accident is about 1 in 6,000. That seems like a pretty low number! But when you think about the average American’s lifespan being 78 years old, that means there’s one person who will experience an auto accident every five days for their entire life. What are your chances of having a car wreck?

There are two major types of car accidents: “fender benders” and collisions, the latter being more severe. Collisions can be caused by driving too fast (maybe a speeding ticket), or perhaps you swerved to avoid hitting something in your path. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that these kinds of crashes account for about 75% of all auto accidents every year.

The most frequent causes for fender-benders include faulty brakes, running red lights, and tire blowouts. They only make up 25% of all automobile collisions, but they might not seem as dangerous at first glance because there typically aren’t any injuries involved with this type of accident. Nonetheless, it’s still important to go through the process, if possible, and get your car looked at as soon as you can.

What really matters is that if the accident was not your fault, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney so they can help you with any potential claim or lawsuit issues–especially when dealing with a negligent driver such as one who ran a red light. You need to protect yourself!

If you or someone you know has been injured because of a negligent driver’s carelessness behind the wheel–whether it was a drunk driver, speeding car, or just an inattentive motorist–contact a well-known personal injury attorney in your area. There can be many lawyers who explore this field regularly. Still, you must always get in touch with the one with years of experience, a friendly attitude, a 100% success rate, and multiple positive reviews posted on different platforms.

If you keep in mind these points and connect with a good lawyer like Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers immediately after an accident, you can quickly recover your losses and make the culprit pay for his mistake legally.


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Investing for Beginners – 3 Smart and Safe Investments

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Investing for Beginners – 3 Smart and Safe Investments

When you are just getting started with investing, it can be a little overwhelming. Which stocks should you buy? What about bonds? Should you invest in gold or something else?

The truth is that there are many ways to invest your money, and the best thing for each individual will depend on their goals and how much risk they want to take. In this blog post, we will discuss three safe investments for beginners.

1) Buying Index Funds:

When you buy an index fund, you essentially purchase a piece of the companies in that index. For example, if your goal is to have some money for retirement and don’t mind taking on more risk than someone else might be comfortable with, then investing in an S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average can be an excellent way to grow your portfolio over time without having many stock-picking skills necessary.

Bond funds work similarly, except they invest only in bond stocks instead of all types of industries like an equity market index does. A bond fund will typically include government bonds and corporate debt (bonds issued by corporations). These safer investments provide diversification and stability while still offering potential growth opportunities, which is more or less what you are looking for when you invest for the long term.

2) Buying Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds are a type of investment set up through an individual or company to provide many different stocks, bonds, and other assets. Instead of having one stock, you can invest in 100s if not 1000s! And they charge fees only on the amount invested, so your costs will be much lower than with investing directly into companies yourself (although it comes at the cost of flexibility).

3) Buying Gold:

One of the safest investments you can make is in gold. Unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, which fluctuate depending on how they are doing at a given time, gold has always maintained its value over millennia. It is considered one of the most valuable commodities for trade. So, there is no fear that it will be worthless anytime soon (though this might change).

As a beginner, you can keep your money safe by investing in these asset classes. Also, beware of scammy investment ideas proposed to you by your broker or some random online guy because they can wipe all your money within weeks. If you come across something like that, connect with a well-known investment fraud lawyer like Erez Law as soon as possible and take their guidance to recover your funds comfortably.

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What Are Some Important Rights of Construction Workers At Their Workplace?

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What Are Some Important Rights of Construction Workers At Their Workplace?

As long as you are a working professional in the US, you are covered against anything that happens to you at the workplace under the workers’ compensation insurance scheme. It means that you can work freely, and if you get injured while performing any work-related task, your employer will take care of any expenses related to medical bills and wage loss. The construction work is no different. 

This post talks about your rights as a construction worker and how you can get compensation after a workplace accident. Follow the steps given below to have a trouble-free experience in case you ever sustain injuries while performing your duties. 

Rights of Construction Workers:

The construction work consists of many risks that can lead to an accident. As a worker, you are expected to move around the work site where heavy metal equipment, rocks, sand, and other tools are placed everywhere. You may also be required to drive a vehicle from one work site to another several time a day. All of these tasks can be efficiently performed if you are attentive and energetic throughout the day. So, make sure you are in your best state of mind throughout the day. 

Another important thing is that if you’re injured while driving a commercial vehicle for transporting goods from one place to another, or doing any other task at the worksite and meet with an accident, then you can exercise your right to receive financial benefits from your employer. It can be done only if you incur huge medical expenses or stay bedridden for a long time and cannot resume work for a long duration. 

The easiest way to get benefits is by filing a workers’ compensation claim. In case your employer doesn’t cooperate, you can always hire a skilled personal injury lawyer and sue your employer in court. All you need to do is collect the evidence and share them with an experienced lawyer or law firm that is reliable, supportive, and trustworthy. Do this without wasting any time for a hassle-free and pleasant recovery experience after a workplace injury.

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What are the Benefits of Safe Paw Versus Regular Road Salt?

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While traditional road salt is effective and cost-efficient, it may not always be the safest option for our furry friends and greenery. Salt is very corrosive and can be damaging to your plants, shrubbery, and even your vehicles. However, Safe Paw is a noncorrosive and safe alternative to traditional road salt and consequently, Safe Paw is a safer alternative for melting ice for the following:

Pets– Traditional road salt can be very dangerous for dogs in particular. Dogs who go outside in the winter and walk on surfaces with rock salt experience a higher risk of becoming ill due to the corrosive salt. Salt-based ice melter can get frozen onto the dog’s paw and fur and when the dog returns inside, the salt becomes highly irritable for your pet. The higher temperatures can cause the salt to burn the dog’s skin causing redness, ulcers, and bacterial infections. It is also very unsafe for your pet if they lick the salt off of surfaces. The salt can cause intestinal problems and inflammation of the stomach.

Children– Too much salt on pavements and sidewalks can pose a danger for children to slip and fall. If there is too much salt on the surface, it could become just as slippery as the ice and children are more likely to suffer a fall injury. Salt-based ice removers can also irritate children especially is a salt-based pellet is ingested or gets into their eye. Direct contact with skin can cause rashes and blistering.

Surfaces and Environments– Salt-based ice removers can be very damaging to surfaces and environments due to the corrosive nature of the salt. Salt residue can cause rust on vehicles, and it can cause permanent damage to asphalt, concrete, decks, and floors. Salt-based melters are also very damaging because it can kill plants and grass and act as poison to wildlife.

Many households use rock salt or salt-based product to melt ice during the cold winter months. However, many people are unaware of the dangerous hazards that these products pose to our environment and even those we love. Chicago snow removal by Ware Landscaping offers our customers the best snow and ice removal services in Chicago, Naperville, and Dupage County.

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Why you should pay child support

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Child support, for those who have to pay it, can be a huge burden. The amount of money expected can end up leaving some parents deeply in debt and struggling with their own bills. At such moments, it can feel unfair that so much financial burden is placed on their shoulders. In order to give a reminder why they should keep paying, no matter the struggle, here are a few points from the law firm of Marshall & Taylor (which specializes in child support) to keep in mind.

-Childcare pays for a child’s health

Everyone knows that health care is expensive in America. If a parent doesn’t provide child support, it may be that the other parent would not be able to afford a decent insurance policy, in which case the child would be at greater risk. No expense should be spared to keep a child healthy.

-Child care can be saved for education

Another great expense in American life is college. Although the other parent might be able to afford to keep up a decent living for the children, that parent may still struggle to have anything left over to save towards a good education. Child support fixes this problem and allows the parents to work together (no matter their relationship) to save for the future of their children.

-Child care can keep a roof over a child’s head

Sometimes, things are more desperate than that. For some parents who have custody of children, they are unable to even afford to provide a decent home. In such cases, it would be absolutely unforgivable for child care not to be provided. No child deserves to struggle to find a safe place to sleep at night, particularly if they wouldn’t otherwise have to.

-Child care can put food in a child’s mouth

This may be the most important point of all. It is hard for divorced parents to truly know each other’s circumstances. It may be that the parent with custody is struggling even to put food on the table. If this is the case, the other parent has an absolute responsibility to be aiding his or her children in every way possible.

-Not paying can lead to legal action

A final incentive for those unmoved by the above situations. Not paying child support can lead to fines and even jail time. So, even if a person wants to avoid the payments, they have absolutely no legal right to do so, and failure to pay can lead to some very severe penalties.

There are times when child support can seem unfair. For many, they do not see the benefits listed above, but only a former spouse living in their former home, enjoying a better life with the extra money. That may be the perception, but the reality is that without that money, the children would undoubtedly suffer.

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