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Deformed Face or Skull due to Depakote

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Deformed Face or Skull due to Depakote

The prescription drug Depakote proved to be an effective remedy in treating seizures and manic episodes in those with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, while this prescription drug helped stabilize the condition of some patients, its effect on others, specifically pregnant women, was quite serious: studies showed that it increased the likelihood of birth defects, as well as other permanent health problems.

The worst side effects affected pregnant mothers, who gave birth to babies with a deformity of the cardiovascular system, deformity of the face or skull, brain defects, or spinal defects / spina bifida. These problematic side effects are especially discouraging in light of Depakote’s obvious benefits for many patients suffering from bipolar or manic-depressive disorder, a psychiatric state wherein a patient goes through disruptive energy, behavioral, psychological, and emotional swings, rendering him or her overexcited at one moment but suddenly depressed on the next.

The failure of the manufacturers of Depakote to warn pregnant women of the risks Depakote could cause them to face as a result of their medication use renders them liable for damages, including suffering, pain, injury, financial losses, and costly medical treatment they and their babies may be subjected to.

Malformation of the face or skull is one particularly unfortunate example of this permanent defect which can cause the baby and the baby’s family indescribable heartache and suffering. Some of the facial and skull defects directly caused by Depakote include anencephaly, cleft lip & palate, facial dysmorphism, and craniostenosis. Sadly, far too many medications are marketed as being safe for use, but end up causing devastating side effects later on. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, many of these medications, like Depakote or the popular anti-depressant medication Zoloft, result in life-altering birth injuries in babies born to women who took the drugs while pregnant. While nothing can make up for the pain and suffering that these victims endure, a successful lawsuit against the responsible pharmaceutical company may be able to provide victims with the financial compensation they need to pay for their injury-related expenses.s.



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