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What are the Benefits of Safe Paw Versus Regular Road Salt?

Posted by on Nov 13, 2017 in Snow Removal | 0 comments

While traditional road salt is effective and cost-efficient, it may not always be the safest option for our furry friends and greenery. Salt is very corrosive and can be damaging to your plants, shrubbery, and even your vehicles. However, Safe Paw is a noncorrosive and safe alternative to traditional road salt and consequently, Safe Paw is a safer alternative for melting ice for the following:

Pets– Traditional road salt can be very dangerous for dogs in particular. Dogs who go outside in the winter and walk on surfaces with rock salt experience a higher risk of becoming ill due to the corrosive salt. Salt-based ice melter can get frozen onto the dog’s paw and fur and when the dog returns inside, the salt becomes highly irritable for your pet. The higher temperatures can cause the salt to burn the dog’s skin causing redness, ulcers, and bacterial infections. It is also very unsafe for your pet if they lick the salt off of surfaces. The salt can cause intestinal problems and inflammation of the stomach.

Children– Too much salt on pavements and sidewalks can pose a danger for children to slip and fall. If there is too much salt on the surface, it could become just as slippery as the ice and children are more likely to suffer a fall injury. Salt-based ice removers can also irritate children especially is a salt-based pellet is ingested or gets into their eye. Direct contact with skin can cause rashes and blistering.

Surfaces and Environments– Salt-based ice removers can be very damaging to surfaces and environments due to the corrosive nature of the salt. Salt residue can cause rust on vehicles, and it can cause permanent damage to asphalt, concrete, decks, and floors. Salt-based melters are also very damaging because it can kill plants and grass and act as poison to wildlife.

Many households use rock salt or salt-based product to melt ice during the cold winter months. However, many people are unaware of the dangerous hazards that these products pose to our environment and even those we love. Chicago snow removal by Ware Landscaping offers our customers the best snow and ice removal services in Chicago, Naperville, and Dupage County.

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