Texas Law Firm Facing Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in Discrimination, Lawsuits | 1 comment

A female partner at a Dallas-based law firm has filed a gender discrimination suit against the firm.

She alleges that the firm has upheld a policy that prohibited employee pairs of opposite genders from working together or fraternizing outside of the office. Because of the fact that the people in power at the firm are all men, she is making a case that the policy, which has since been repealed, hindered the growth of her career. The woman says the firm has been aware of her issues with these policies for as long as half a year, but claims her protests were met with resentment.

The firm believes that it decisions and actions will all hold up in a court of law and that the plaintiff of the suit has no evidence to back up her claims.

The firm probably put the offending rule in effect to prevent sexual harassment, but has instead created a discrimination problem. If it had treated its employees as responsible adults who are capable of behaving professionally, chances are it would not have to deal with an internal lawsuit.

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  1. Gender discrimination continues to be a problem. There needs to be stricter regulations for companies that do this.

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